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BOMAT Heiztechnik GmbH

50,000th BOMAT flue gas heat exchanger

BOMAT celebrates a special anniversary with one of its customers.

Überlingen based company BOMAT Heiztechnik celebrated a special anniversary in mid-December last year when it delivered its 50,000th flue gas heat exchanger from the same series to the same customer. BOMAT, a member of the puren Group, has been developing and manufacturing high quality ceramic flue and exhaust gas heat exchangers for oil, gas and solid fuel heating systems and CHP units for over 25 years. “Thanks to the robust materials used to manufacture our heat exchangers, appliances are particularly durable, highly efficient and have very short payback periods,” says Rolf Bommer, company founder and director of BOMAT. Uwe Schulz-Du Bois, also a BOMAT director, adds: “Our heat exchangers also make a significant contribution to environmental protection by reducing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and other pollutants. In numerous heating systems in Überlingen, including the thermal springs of Lake Constance, the Birkle clinic and the Parkhotel St. Leonhard, as well as many houses and apartment buildings, BOMAT products play a valuable role not only from an ecological point of view, but also in terms of efficiency.”

Cooperation with OERTLI/De Dietrich
For many years BOMAT has been an expert OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partner to numerous companies in the heating industry. The cooperation between BOMAT and the OERTLI/De Dietrich Group, a renowned international manufacturer of heating systems, began in 2005. Initially, the OERTLI/De Dietrich GTU C 120 oil condensing boiler with BOMAT AWR G 314 flue gas heat exchanger appeared to be a solution to supplement the product portfolio, but it has gone on to become an international bestseller. The technical highlights of the BOMAT tubular heat exchanger include its corrosion free and durable ceramic pipes for the combustion of fuel oil with a high or low sulphur content. This feature, together with the excellent heat conduction properties of the ceramic material, ensures the best conditions for lasting high energy recovery from hot flue gases. Depending on the application, between 8 and 10 % of the primary energy can be saved annually. This means that the additional investment required for the BOMAT heat exchanger pays off in only a few years. These boilers are installed with the BOMAT heat exchanger as a ready to install unit, primarily in detached houses and apartment buildings with up to three flats.

The 50,000th heat exchanger in the successful BOMAT series rolled off the Überlingen production line in December 2011. The success of these heat exchangers is unique within the European heating industry. BOMAT celebrated this special anniversary at its Überlingen facility with the Director of OERTLI-ROHLEDER Wärmetechnik GmbH, Mr Stefan Seifert, and the regional Sales Manager, Mr Ingmar Tepass.

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50.000ster BOMAT Abgaswärmetauscher ausgeliefert