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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)


For more than 20 years we have supplied optimally designed heat exchangers to big-name manufacturers in Germany and abroad. A small extract from the OEM reference list:

Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH
Task: To adapt various BOMAT AWR units to Buderus boilers
Output range: 17 – 400 kW
Accessories range: Diverse neutralising systems

De Dietrich
Task: To develop a compact AWR unit to integrate and adapt for De Dietrich boilers.
Output range: 16 – 350 kW
Since 2004 over 70,000 units have been produced
Accessories range: Diverse neutralising systems

Task: To develop a corrosion-resis­tant exhaust gas heat exchanger for CHP units driven by fuel oil and natural gas. Since 1999 over 21,000 units have been produced

Weinmann & Schanz
Heating and sanitation systems wholesaler: Neutralising systems, pumping stations and RNA main­tenance packages

Spanner Re2
Adapt Bomat AWR to Spanner Re2 wood gasifier HKA 10

Task: To adapt various AWR ­models to different Giese CHP units

Task: To adapt and develop various AWR models for different Olymp boilers
Output range: 17 – 40 kW

Task: To adapt various AWR ­models to Riello boilers
Output range: 90 – 500 kW

Task: To adapt a neutralising system to Brötje boilers. Over 28,000 units supplied!

Further references

We are happy to send you a large selection of further references. To obtain these, simply send us a request.