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BOMAT RNA cleaning and neutralising systems for heating and industrial applications

Neutralisationsanlage RNA WT1-800

The acidifying elements contained in fuel oil or natural gas (e.g. sulphur) cause aggressive acids (such as sulphuric acid) to be formed during combustion and subsequent condensation. BOMAT neutralising and cleaning systems treat (neutralise) this acidic condensate so that it is suitable to be fed into the public waste water system.

Note: In Germany, Code of Practice ATV-DVWK-A 251 regulates the discharge of condensate from combustion equipment. Acidic condensate from condensing systems can destroy waste water pipework.


Benefits of BOMAT RNA systems

  • Integral siphon
  • Integral oil separator
  • Replaceable absorber element for particle separation
  • Large sedimentation volume for sludge settling
  • Easy maintenance thanks to backflushing function and removable filter basket for neutralising granulate
  • Compact construction and wide range of accessories
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