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Help protect the environment with our rna series

The BOMAT solution
to combustion acids:


Help to protect the environment with our RNA series.

Condensate from condensing systems causes environmental pollution.

For each litre of fuel oil, 0.8 l acidic condensate (diluted acid) is created; per m³ natural gas this is about 1.5 l. This acid causes immense damage to the environment (e.g. acid rain).

Acidic condensate damages drainage pipes.

Many waste water and drainage pipes are made of materials that are not acid-resistant in the long term (e.g. concrete or grey cast iron). Acidic condensate from a condensing system may a ack these and even destroy such pipes.


Code of Practice ATVDVWK-A 251 governs the use of neutralising systems for condensate from condensing boilers. In general, however, the use of a neutralising system is recommended for the treatment of condensate before it is introduced into public waste water systems.

The solution.

BOMAT RNA cleaning and neutralising system.


BOMAT has been producing cleaning and neutralising systems (RNA) for over 30 years. In that time over 40,000 units have been installed. These systems exhibit high reliability, a long service life and ease of maintenance.

Technical Data

Specifications of our neutralising and cleaning systems can be found on our pages Accessories.


RNA Comfort

This unit features a patented backflushing system to regenerate the neutralising granulate, removable filter baskets and removable pre-filters to assure simple maintenance, and an integrated siphon for a high level of safety. These RNA units can also be fitted with condensate pumps to overcome height diff erences.

Reduction of greenhouse gas

The aim is to reduce the greenhouse effect radically. Many communes are fulfilling a key contribution by modernising municipal buildings and substituting private landlords with special programs. However the possibilities for already existing heating systems are very often not used efficiently:

  • Very often low-temperature boilers are integrated which are clearly against the aims of the reduction of greenhouse gas.
  • By using gas firing the so called “condensing boilers” are integrated. According to opinion-polls of experts up to 90% are not running throughthe operation of the condensing process and therefore do not reduce CO2 or contain high-quality metal which can not be replaced e.g. chrome, nickel, molybdenum and others. These condensing-technology units send metal ions into the waste water and are not only producing contaminants but also consuming resources of expensive metals which are of great importance for the future generations.
  • For this reason many condensing-technology units have often been subsidised without reaching the requested function.

BOMAT produces ceramic heat exchangers and has therefore a unique selling proposition regarding contents of heavy-metal in condensates with condensing technology worldwide. With BOMAT two-circle technique even existing units can reach best condensate rates during the winter time. Do you have questions? We look forward to giving you the answers.

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