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Combined heat and power units

BOMAT CHP heat exchangers

BOMAT condensing technology
for chp.

Less in, more out.

CHP heat exchangers: ceramic lasts longer.

As a rule, conventional exhaust gas heat exchangers in CHP units are operated above the condensation limit. Nevertheless, condensation may occur at start-up or with low coolant temperatures, resulting in corrosion inside the heat exchanger. Where fuels containing sulphur are burnt (oil, gas or biogas), sulphurous acid is produced. Depending on the combustion temperature and catalysing technology used, nitric acid may also form as a reaction with the condensate and NOx. Nitric and sulphurous acids are the causes of acid rain. BOMAT utilises patented ceramic heat exchangers that are 100% corrosion-proof. These devices produce contamination-free condensate and offer an exceptionally long service life.

Make better use of energy.

Many conventional CHP units have a thermal efficiency of about 50%. BOMAT recovers the condensation heat contained in the exhaust gas as an additional source of heat. The addition of BOMAT condensing technology increases the thermal efficiency by up to 10%.
By investing in this technology, you are also helping to protect the environment, as significantly fewer pollutants are expelled from the chimney.

Your benefits at a glance

  • For all-purpose use with any of these fuels:
    fuel oil, natural gas, sewer gas and biogas
  • Also for large CHP units
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Increases the heating output
  • Made in Germany

Exactly the right heat exchanger:

We design precisely according to your requirements.

Well known OEMs are among the customers for these products, as are individual users.
Bomat has been developing and manufacturing high quality flue and exhaust gas heat exchangers for over 30 years.
Over 12,000 BOMAT CHP exhaust gas heat exchangers have been successfully installed in the past 10 years.

BOMAT heat exchangers: simple to retrofit.

BOMAT ceramic heat exchangers are simply fitted between the exhaust pipes of the CHP unit. The heat recovered is fed into the existing heating system or used as process heat.

Wärmetauscher von BOMAT
Beipiel Armortisationszeit

Sample calculation of payback period.

CHP unit with approx. 8600 hours of operation/year, including 4000 hours of operation/year for heat recovery from the exhaust gas heat exchanger.
Heat recovery yield: 115 kW

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