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Saving energy

with BOMAT heat exchanger

Saves more. Gives more.

Makes more of energy.

Icon Gas

Energy demand with gas –15%*

The energy consumption of gas boilers can be reduced by up to 15 % through the use of BOMAT flue gas heat exchangers.

Icon CO2

Emissions of CO2 –15%*

By saving energy, CO2 is also reduced. The greater the energy saving, the greater the resultant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Icon Säure

Emissions of Acid –60%*

Sulphur and sulphur compounds contained in the fuel react during combustion with the oxygen present in the air and the water vapour in the flue gas, creating sulphurous acid (acid rain). In a BOMAT heat exchanger, the acidic flue gas condenses.

Icon Öl

Energy demand with Oil –10%*

In the case of oil fired systems, BOMAT flue gas heat exchangers can cut energy consumption by up to 10 %. Heat is extracted from the flue gas and condensing technology utilises the condensation energy of the water vapour contained in the gas.

* Compared to conventional boilers.

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