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BOMAT ceramic heat exchangers

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Many fuels contain acidifying elements (such as sulphur) that form an aggressive vapour of acid mixed with water when burnt. In conventional heat generators this acidic vapour from combustion is expelled in the flue gas through the chimney into the environment, where it condenses and falls to the ground through precipitation (acid rain). This harms flora and fauna and can even be detrimental to buildings. In metal-based condensing heat exchangers, the condensate can become contaminated as the acids from combustion may cause small particles (metal ions) to be dissolved from the metal surfaces. These particles pass into the condensate and then into the environment and food chain through the waste water. Some of these metal ions consist of heavy metals such as chromium, nickel, etc., that pose risks to health and cannot be satisfactorily absorbed by even the best waste water treatment plants.


Solution: BOMAT ecology and …
The ceramic pipes used in BOMAT heat exchangers offer high thermal conductivity and an exceptionally long service life. They are also completely acid-resistant, so that any condensate created is metal-free.

… economy in perfect harmony
Condensing technology cools the flue gas in heat exchangers until it condenses. This releases heat, which is passed to the heating water. Fuel consumption and operating costs are substantially reduced.

Less in, more out
Now with even better energy utilisation, BOMAT is at the cutting edge of advanced heating technology, offering investments that are often repaid in just three years.

BOMAT quality can be summed up in three words:
Made in Germany.

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