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Industry sectors

BOMAT: Success and experience since 1982


Today, BOMAT flue and exhaust gas heat exchangers are in use in a wide variety of applications:
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

BOMAT supplies corrosion-free flue gas heat exchangers to many leading boiler manufacturers.

CHP (combined heat and power) units

BOMAT exhaust gas heat exchangers significantly improve the thermal efficiency of CHP units. With these corrosion-free ceramic heat exchangers it is even possible to make use of the exhaust gases from the combustion of sewer gas.

Industrial systems

Commercial and industrial enterprises often produce large volumes of flue and exhaust gases that usually pass into the environment unused. For such facilities, BOMAT offers individually tailored solutions for heat recovery from these gases.

Heating technology

Whether in domestic boilers for the family home or large heating installations for hotels, hospitals or municipal buildings, energy consumption is reduced with BOMAT flue gas heat exchangers.