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BOMAT Heiztechnik GmbH

New Commercial Director at BOMAT Heiztechnik

Gerhard Schneider became the Commercial Director of BOMAT, the condensing technology specialists based in Überlingen in Germany, in August 2012. As Technical Director, Company Founder Rolf Bommer is in charge of the Research & Development department, alongside his other responsibilities.

There has been a change to the management of BOMAT Heiztechnik GmbH, the condensing technology and flue and exhaust gas heat recovery specialists based in Überlingen in Germany. On 1 August 2012, business economist Gerhard Schneider joined the board of BOMAT alongside chartered engineer and company founder, shareholder and director Rolf Bommer.

As Commercial Director, Gerhard Schneider is responsible for Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Finance, Accounting, Work Scheduling and Quality Management at BOMAT.

BOMAT is a manufacturer of high quality ceramic flue and exhaust gas heat exchangers for the OEM, heating system and special plant engineering sectors. It is also a specialist in the development of flue and exhaust gas heat recovery systems utilising metal free condensation and is renowned throughout Europe. The environmentally responsible ceramic condensers can recover up to 15 % of the energy contained in flue and exhaust gas. Thanks largely to the remarkable versatility of its heat exchangers, BOMAT has become an expert supplier to well known manufacturers of boilers and CHP units. These manufacturers benefit not only from the uniqueness of BOMAT’s products and their ability to be customised, but also the inherent flexibility of this medium sized enterprise. BOMAT has positioned itself on the market as an original equipment manufacturer of ceramic heat exchangers for almost 10 years.

BOMAT flue and exhaust gas heat exchangers are particularly easy to customise for integration in industrial production plants. Latest developments are aimed at flue and exhaust gas heat exchangers for biogas plants. In this field, BOMAT is increasingly establishing itself as an expert that can also handle the design and engineering of these plants – naturally in cooperation with its clients.

For more information about environmentally responsible condensing technology, please contact:

BOMAT Heiztechnik GmbH, Zum Degenhardt 49, 88662 Überlingen, Germany
Phone 07551-8099-70, Fax 07551-8099-71
email: info@bomat.de
website: http://www.bomat.de

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