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BOMAT Heiztechnik GmbH

BOMAT – innovations and an updated stand design in the new exhibition hall at the ISH in Frankfurt

This specialist in flue gas heat exchangers presented its heat exchanger and neutralising system innovations at ISH 2019

(Überlingen) With its new stand design and located in the recently completed exhibition hall, BOMAT Heiztechnik took advantage of the Frankfurt ISH trade fair once again in 2019 to showcase innovations in flue and exhaust gas heat recovery to trade visitors from around the world. These included the new generation of modular BOMAT Profitherm flue gas heat exchangers. These heat exchangers for integration into CHP or industrial systems and with a high heat recovery yield are suitable for heating oil, natural gas, biogas, sewer gas and landfill gas. Users can select the heat exchanger output completely according to their requirements and the application. Likewise, they can choose from ceramic, stainless steel and plastic for the heat exchanger surface material. There is also another benefit in terms of cleaning. Our new BOMAT heat exchangers offer particular advantages in this regard due to their modular design with slide-in heater banks.

The BOMAT spiral tube flue gas heat exchanger for CHP applications up to an electrical output of 20 kilowatts was also given its debut. This remarkably small and compact heat exchanger distinguishes itself through its especially high heat recovery yield and very straightforward maintenance: simply unscrew the front cover and remove the spiral tube.

As with all BOMAT flue/exhaust gas heat exchangers, these two innovations are very economical given their especially short payback periods.

In the area of neutralising systems, BOMAT was also able to showcase an innovation for processing the condensate from oil and gas combustion, CHP units and biomass at the ISH in the form of the RNA-WT1-1500. Thanks to new drum technology, the output of approx. 50,000 litres/cartridge represents a considerable improvement compared to other neutralising systems. Maintenance is very convenient in this instance as well: all that is required is simple removal of the cartridge and hassle-free disposal of the maintenance materials. The system’s self-cleaning function prevents build-up of sludge in the neutralisation material.

Further information on environmentally responsible condensing technology is available from: BOMAT Heiztechnik GmbH, Zum Degenhardt 49, 88662 Überlingen, Germany, phone: +49 (0)7551-8099-70; fax +49 (0)7551-8099-71; email: info@bomat.de, website www.bomat.de. Interesting reference projects are also available online.

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The new modular BOMAT Profitherm

The new BOMAT spiral tube flue gas heat exchanger

The new BOMAT RNA with drum technology