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News from BOMAT

Exhaust gas heat exchanger: high temperature and condensing technology now in one unit.

Much is happening at BOMAT. In particular, high temperature and condensing technology has now been integrated into one unit, so it can be operated with exhaust gas inlet temperatures of up to 700 °C.

Our high temperature heat exchanger is suitable for biogas, sewer gas, natural gas, fuel oil and diesel. The integrated spray nozzle cleaning feature also makes this new development very easy for our customers to service.
Along with short pay-back periods – generally within 3 years – BOMAT’s signature top quality is also of course in evidence. The new heat exchanger is compact, robust and long lasting.
It is suitable for use as original equipment, but can also be retrofitted without any problems. After the first installations, we received very positive overall feedback from our customers, which we are of course delighted about.