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highly efficient Flue and exhaust gas heat exchangers.


Calculate your energy savings.

brennwertrechnerCalculate potential energy savings with the BOMAT Fuel Efficiency Calculator,
as well as the payback period for a BOMAT heat exchanger.
To do so, first select your heat generator to access further input fields.
Type of heat generator
Select fuel type
Combustion output, fuel consumption or boiler output
Flue gas mass flow rate
Flue gas temperature upstream of the heat exchanger
Coolant temperature at the heat exchanger inlet Info
= Heating system return temperature.
The colder the coolant, the higher the heat exchanger output.
Investment Info
Installation costs + costs for the heat exchanger and the flue system.
Contact BOMAT for the cost of the heat exchanger.
Fuel costs Info
1 litre of fuel oil has a net calorific value of approx. 10 kWh.
A fuel oil price of €0.8 per litre, for example, results in a fuel price of €0.08/kWh.

1 m³ natural gas has a net calorific value of approx. 10 kWh.
A gas price of €0.9 per m³, for example, results in a fuel price of €0.09/kWh.
Seasonal efficiency of the existing heating system Info
Flue losses, cooling losses, losses from DHW cylinders and pipework, as well as the combustion efficiency reduce the seasonal efficiency of the heating system.
The commonly achieved seasonal efficiency lies between 80 % and 90 %.