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bomat-CleanTec® RNA-WT1-800 / 1500

The two neutralisation systems with patented roller technology, bomat-CleanTec® RNA-WT1-800 and the bomat-CleanTec® RNA-WT1-1500, have been awarded the DVGW type examination certificate in accordance with the DVGW VP 114 test principles.

 Here are the highlights of the two neutralization systems:

  • For condensates from oil and gas combustion, CHP units and biomass
  • Very straightforward maintenance through cartridge change and hassle-free disposal of maintenance materials
  • Self-cleaning function prevents build-up of sludge in the neutralisation granules
  • Efficient and space saving
  • Low motor power of 3-6 watts
  • Low weight
  • Pre-filtering with activated charcoal at bomat-CleanTec® RNA-WT1-1500
  • Rotational speed and run time of the drum individually adjustable
  • DVGW VP 114 tested
  • EMV tested

bomat-CleanTec® RNA-WT1-1500

bomat-CleanTec® RNA-WT1-800